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5 reasons to be excited for Microsoft’s Surface Studio

One of the biggest tech announcements of 2016 was Microsoft’s reveal of their upcoming Surface Studio device. Besides seeing Microsoft return their focus to desktop computers, there’s a lot of reasons to be excited for this specific product’s launch. Here are the five biggest features that have us most excited for the launch of the Surface Studio in 2017.

The Surface Studio is Powerful

Microsoft’s Surface Studio is a beast. Powered by 6th Gen Intel Core processors and discrete NVIDIA GeForce graphics, this next gen PC should have no problem running any of the popular mainstream photo and video editing programs. There will also be three different models with a variety of power options for consumers who want something a little less-powerful at a lower price or need the top of the line specs at a price more premium.

The Surface Studio is REALLY Thin

The Surface Studio looks stunning and is ridiculously thin for a device as powerful and fully-featured as it is. The 28-inch screen features a uniform depth from edge to edge and still manages to support Microsoft’s PixelSense Display technology, which can be seen on the current Surface Pro and Surface Book line of products.

The Surface Studio Transforms

Probably the Surface Studio’s most prominent feature is its ability to transform from a traditional desktop computer form into a drafting table mode. This flexibility makes it not only an ideal device for showcasing media but for also creating it. There’s very little learning curve required for artists and designers to use the Surface Studio as it adapts to how people create media instead of requiring users to learn a new skillset.

The Surface Dial

Microsoft is launching a new peripheral with the Surface Studio called, the Surface Dial. The Surface Dial will actually function with Surface Pros and Surface Books after a software update rolls out in the coming months, but there’s no denying that it’s been designed with the Surface Studio in mind. The Surface Dial is an entirely new concept that sort of merges the functionality of the touch-navigation and a mouse’s wheel to create a new form of interaction between the users and the technology they’re using. The way the Surface Dial is used will vary depending on the software that’s currently open. For example, in Word, the Surface Dial can be used to flick through pages while in a graphics program, the device can function as a color gradient tool and for selecting different filters and brushes. It’s going to be very interesting to see how developers and consumers implement the Surface Dial throughout 2017.

The Surface Studio is a Fully-Featured Windows 10 PC

While the Surface Studio is primarily being marketed as a device for consumers in the media production industry, it’s worth mentioning that, at its core, the Surface Studio is also a fully-functional Windows 10 PC. It will ship with a copy of the Windows 10 Pro operating system and can be used for all of the usual Windows 10 applications. In particular, the Surface Pro will also make for a great media consumption device. With its large and pixel-dense screen, watching movies and TV shows will be significantly more enjoyable than viewing them on a Surface Pro as will playing video games like the growing library of Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

Are you excited for the launch of the Surface Studio? What do you think its biggest selling points are? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Brad Stephenson
Article from WinBeta.Org

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