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Brave Search is a new alternative to Google

Brave Search is a new search engine that offers an alternative to Google. It is private, independent, and transparent, and it aims to provide users with a search experience that is free from tracking and other privacy concerns. In this article, we will discuss the features of Brave Search and how it differs from Google.

One of the primary features of Brave Search is its privacy focus. Brave Search doesn’t track users, their searches, or their clicks. This is in contrast to Google, which is known for collecting data on its users to personalize their search results and show them targeted ads.

In addition, Brave Search aims to be independent and transparent. The company is working on a proposal for a community-curated open ranking model called “Goggles,” which it hopes to use as an alternative to Google’s algorithm. This model would allow users to create and curate their own search results, rather than relying on an opaque algorithm that is controlled by a single company.

Brave Search also offers features that are similar to Google, such as autocomplete suggestions and instant answers. However, these features are designed to be privacy-focused and transparent, with no data collection or tracking involved.

Overall, Brave Search offers a compelling alternative to Google for users who are concerned about their privacy and want a more independent and transparent search experience. While it is still in beta, it is worth considering as a viable alternative to Google for those who value their privacy and want to take control of their search results.

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